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by monicadockery

My Guitar


This is my guitar (well, she’s on loan, really-but I endearingly call her mine). Her name is Layla…say “hello,” Layla. Our paths crossed about two months ago and since then she has brought both joy and PAIN to my life. The joy comes in finally having a tool to use to free me from the dependence on pre-made tracks to express myself. The pain is in trying to get my tiny fingers to do what my mind wants it to do at the speed at which I want it to be done! It is frustrating because I know I have only just begun to acquaint myself with her and I know it’s going to take way longer than I wish — years and years– before I can really, really, get to know her. If only we had met earlier in my life. But, all complaining aside, I’m glad we’ve met…I think we’re going to be great friends.


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4 thoughts on “My Guitar

  1. Why quit when there’s so much to achieve…I understand it’s sometimes difficult but please don’t quit now!

  2. Aye! I loove the guitar and have written a couple of songs on it but have no idea exactly what I’m playing and my fingers are all wrong. That was YEARS ago. If I were to pick it up again, OH THE PAIN! But you know, if you keep practicing, you’ll definitely get there:)

    • Thanks for the encouragement! I will keep trying. I love some of the synthesized stuff, but acoustic sounds are closer to my heart. I will work through the pain! Ever thought about getting back to the guitar?

  3. Ashlie, thanks. No, I’m not planning on quitting….I was just venting temporary frustration.

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