Words & Music

by monicadockery

Damn the Economy

This photo made me laugh and I thought it went well with today’s song post.  This song— Damn the Economy (Angry) — is written from the perspective of a relationship caught in a catch 22.  The woman wants the man around, but she knows he has to work to provide for the family.  The man wants to be there for his family, but the only way he can “be there” is by NOT being there and by spending his time, instead, working hard to make sure they have everything they need and more.  The way our economy is now, I think many relationships are under tremendous stress.  But, like the woman in the song…you have to see down to the bottom of it all.  What is it that really matters?  Love is what matters.  Love is what conquers all.  Love is what keeps it all together when the rest of the world is burning down in flames.


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