Words & Music

by monicadockery

Deepness of my love…

Today’s song post is …deepness of my love — love is deep….it is silly….it is many things….

Can the people we love ever know…..really know…just how MUCH we love them? Can we ever express the deepness of our love enough for them to know?  Words are inadequate.  Even the word love, itself, does not really mean what we want it to when we say, “I love you.”  It falls flat and has been rendered meaningless.  Though our loved ones may never be able to fully comprehend the depths of what we feel for them, I think that shouldn’t stop us from trying everyday to show them anyway.  What about you?


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One thought on “Deepness of my love…

  1. I agree. The word “love” just doesn’t do the feeling justice any more.

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