Words & Music

by monicadockery

Learning to Love

No one tells kids when they are little that “love” is going to take them years to learn. No one tells them that it involves more than simply saying,”I love you.” No one tells them that it is an act of will…..an ACT of will. ACT, as in ACTion. You have to do something…..you cannot simply mouth three little words. You cannot hope love will materialize in a way that another person can see, feel, touch, smell, hear, taste it.

You build love.

You start with the foundation and one cornerstone….one point of connection between you and another….and add on, attach more bricks. Brick by brick….bricks can get heavy. And just like laying brick, loving others is a skill that takes years to master. It gets even trickier when two masons are involved because they must work as a team, make sure their walls match up, make sure they keep speed with each other. But what is time, what is effort, when you can stand before the house you built–together—when you can take shelter in it from any wind and rain that may come? Here’s a cheers to laying bricks….

May you find yourself before a beautiful house of bricks with your “crew member” right by your side.


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