Words & Music

by monicadockery


This week I did not post any new songs because I was running around trying to get things ready to go out of town and have our Thanksgiving dinner with family. I have been posting every Wednesday and Friday and I will be back on that schedule next week.

Exciting news:). I have been working on some newer songs lately. Although I am excited, I have also been a little frustrated. There is sound…music that I hear in my head and I just do not know how to produce it in the real world. When your creativity in one area is given boundaries by your inability in another, it can be maddening. When I find myself in this place, where creativity and inability collide, the idea to collaborate with others comes to mind.

I have never collaborated with anyone on a song. I would looove to work with a REAL musician and share ideas and go somewhere I haven’t been able to go to. I’d love to experience a beautiful mistake with someone, where we went into the process with one concept and came out with something completely different–something beautiful, something genuine, something with soul. I’ll be looking for the opportunity to do that, but until then, I’ll keep plugging away, doing what I can with what I have and being thankful all the while there is a song in my heart–even if in my heart is where it must stay for a time.


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