Words & Music

by monicadockery

One More Sunrise

I have lost two friends to suicide and have known several others who have attempted suicide.  You never see it coming….or maybe, you just were too busy and missed it.  I always think…man, how lonely must they have felt, how hopeless, for them to think that death was better than life.  And then, of course, the thought comes…”if they felt so lonely, how good of a friend was I to them?”  They were so young, so full of life.  I sometimes wonder..what if they would have waited for just one more day….one more sunrise?  Would they have found the answers they were looking for?  Would they have seen a way out of where they were?  I wonder.  Life can be messy….it can be lonely, at times….but, if you wait it out…just hold on….then maybe the skies will clear and the heaviness will be lifted.  This song is dedicated to the memory of two young people who never got to see what a new day would bring. It is called…Life is But a Dream.


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