Words & Music

by monicadockery


Hello! Well, I know today is Wednesday and that usually means it’s time to post a new original song, but due to technical difficulties it looks like I’ll be posting the new song tomorrow. Let me give you a little teaser, though.

The name of the song is “Listen.” And it was partly inspired by a recent rainy night in Mississippi. I am on vacation right now, visiting family here in the South. Two nights ago it was raining…or should I say “rainin’,” because the rain here in MS is nothing like the rain back in Cali. Skies could be blue all day, then…BANG! You find yourself in a torrential downpour. And the rain falls so hard and so fast, yet leaves just as quickly. Even the feel and sound of the rain is different here–a big, thunderous roar that shakes the frame of your house. That is the sound that got me thinking about the content of this song. It is about a storm that’s been going on for a long time in a place that is a world away from Mississippi, yet it has reached over across the ocean and has touched every one of us, here, in the USA.

As for the music… I used some more new instruments. I’ve been listening to some music from Afghanistan recently and came across the Rubab (or sometimes, Rabab). It is similar to a guitar in that it is a stringed instrument and is plucked. Another new instrument is the African Rain Caxixi and the African udu drum. I think the two ended up working well together in this song to add to the feeling of the building of a storm.

Well…hopefully tomorrow there will be no more issues with posting the song…make sure you come back and visit tomorrow so you can hear it! Have a great night all!


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