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by monicadockery

New Year

It’s a New Year! The year went by so quickly…it always does. I have some personal goals for this new year, but I thought I’d share my goals I have for this blog for the new year instead.

This is not an exhaustive list and will likely evolve as the year goes on, but here is the beginning:

1. I plan on adding a few video blogs, with live home performances of new and old songs and, on occasion, some discussions about music and other topics.

2. Although I am constantly writing songs, posting two new, original songs every week is sometimes too much. So, I’ll be cutting back a bit and will be replacing the vacancies with music from known and not-so-known musicians/performers that I love.

3. I would like to re-design the look of the blog and add a few new widgets.

4. Charities are dear to my heart…ones that are really doing something, at least. I’d like to use some blog posts to expose readers to charities and local organizations and how people can get involved with what they’re doing.

That’s it…not many changes, but the ones I do make, I hope, will add to the entertainment and informative value of this blog.

For my 5 followers…:)… Thanks for checking in every now and then. May this year be better than the last for everyone!


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6 thoughts on “New Year

  1. Raphael Bluewolf on said:

    good luck .. i agree on every point u said, and think u r a very good song writer but u just need some time before u become very well known .
    just one thing .. u said “For my 5 followers” while there was 6..so i hope u didn’t forget about me !! šŸ˜‰
    thank u ..and hope this year to brings u the best .

    • Thanks Raphael! No, I didn’t forget you…I really appreciate all the “likes” you’ve given on songs:). I said five because I’m one of the six…so I don’t count:). Anyway, thanks for the encouragement. Hope you keep writing as well. I’ve read several of your poems…beautiful.

  2. one more thing, please !
    u r very mysterious .. there is no “about” u page ..no links in ur gravatar, I mean I liked what u wrote there a lot, yet I still hope to know the woman behind those writings more .
    thank u,

  3. Happy New Year Monica! Definitely looking forward to more of your songs and blogging. I love making plans that include simplifying things to make them stronger. Much love xoxo!

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