Words & Music

by monicadockery


I wrote this song this past Monday when the rain was coming down outside.  The cool, moist air tiptoed through my open window, brushed against my cheek, and gave me a gentle kiss good morning.  It was one of those days when you just want to stay in bed all bundled up –eyes closed, mind clear –and just listen to the calm, the stillness brought on by the rain.  A beautiful morning.  On days like that, inevitably, songs begin to creep up from my toes, along my body, and peaceably make their way into the corners of my mind and…I write.  As I was laying there in my bed, I remembered an image of a man who had made his home underneath an overpass.  It stuck with me and this is where, I presume, this song came from.  It is called….Pigeon

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8 thoughts on “Pigeon

  1. My windows media player didn’t recognise the extension

  2. I had trouble listening to someone else’s music file too and they suggested that I update my browser (I’ve got IE8) to Google Chrome. So to cut a long story short I updated to Firefox and I still can’t hear it so maybe its just me.

  3. Ooops yes it worked and your song is quite delightfull sort of Minnie Ripertonish. Well done

  4. Thanks for the recommendation for thedigitalmistrel, bagheadkelly….I really liked her blog! She seems to be a kindred spirit in some ways.

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