Words & Music

by monicadockery


This is my first ever time doing a cover song on here. And who else would I choose to cover than the GREAT Ella Fitzgerald! One of my top 10 favorite songs in the world is her version of Summertime. And since it is rainy and cold out there, I thought it would be the perfect song to help me pretend like it was a warm day at the beach in June. Now, there is noooooo way in the world that I would ever compare or want to be compared to Ella and so this rendition is entirely different than her own. In addition to changing the tune, I also switched up a few lyrics here and there and added a little something different at the end. Also, I thought putting in a little hip hop-infused rhythm to it would be fun and modernize it a bit. So, it is definitely different from the original, but done with great love and respect in my heart for her. Here is my homage and my version of Summertime


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2 thoughts on “Summertime

  1. hey Monica,
    so I read that comment about problems with playing ur songs, I had some,too.. therefore I recommend u to use ( http://soundcloud.com/ ) It’s very easy to use with wordpress, and visitors won’t need to download the track to listen.. and finally a lot of bloggers use it to post their songs, so u can take a sneak to what others r doing !

  2. Hello Raphael! Thanks for the tip. I looked into soundcloud and I am definitely liking it. I think I will begin posting songs on there sometime this week or the beginning of the next. I hope that will make it easier for everyone to get to the songs. Thanks again. Hope you’re having a lovely week.

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