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by monicadockery

New Song: In a HeartBeat

Hellooooooo! Well, I have some good news and some better news. Good news is, I finally picked which song I’d share this week and it happens to not be any of the ones I wrote about in the last post. I actually just wrote it and so since it was fresh on my mind today, I thought I’d choose this one for today. It is called “In a HeartBeat” and was written from the perspective of a friend of mine. She’s had some pretty rough experiences lately with love and it seems she could go down the route of some people in her position and just close herself off to the idea. But, if the right guy came along, I know that all the walls she built to protect herself would just crumble to pieces and she would be ready “in a heartbeat.” I love you my dear amiga, and hope when love comes, it will find you happy and secure about who you are – because you are awesome:)!

The lyrics to the song:
Been slow on this road called love
Haven’t had a reason to trust
Till you caught my eye and now I
feel like its time to run
But I won’t run
until you ask me

chorus: I could be ready in a heartbeat///
If you’d just ask me

Girls in white dresses and lace
flowers all over the place
I never did care till you came
And I imagined a change in my name
but it won’t change
unless you ask me


If you’d ask me
I would leave it all
If you’d ask me
I would trust you to catch me if I fall
If you’d ask me
I would give you everything
If you’d ask me
I’d give it to you in a heart….beat


Have a great weekend everyone!!!

In a HeartBeat

I almost forgot the better news!!

The better news is I am in the middle of another collaboration…this time with someone from Canada who I will tell you more about soon. I REALLY like the song we’re doing, the track is sooo smooth. So, I hope to get that on here soon:)


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