Words & Music

by monicadockery

Featured Artist…and SoundCloud contest submission

Meet this week’s featured artist (a producer)…

He goes by the moniker of ..Lesson and is a 16 year old producer from Basel, Switzerland.  Do not let the young age fool you now….he is an incredibly talented producer/beat maker.  He’s got a million tracks on his SoundCloud account and so far I haven’t heard one that I didn’t think was bananas.  He is 100% self-taught and already has quite a following.  Look out for this guy, he seems to be on a mission.

I was introduced to his music after he became a follower on my SoundCloud account.  I went to check out his tracks and was blown away.  I loved what I heard.  One track, in particular, got to me and it just so happens to be the one that he is using for a contest.  I can tell the guy is smart because of the way he went about the whole thing.  He’s trying to find singers/rappers for his tracks and what better way than to appeal to people’s competitive drives and make it a contest.  So, everyone who is interested has this short, excerpt of a track to do vocals/rap to.  They record their best down on the track and submit it.  Then, on July 1st the contest ends and he announces who “gets” to do the collaboration with him on that track and possibly several others of his.  I think it is absolutely brilliant of him because it makes it fun for those people submitting while at the same time it gives him an opportunity to hear his track done soooo many different ways.  He can find the “perfect fit” without having to go and seek out talent individually.  Brilliant!

So, that is the contest.  I’m not sure how I’ll do because he did tell me that I was the first person to SING on the track.  I guess the other submissions have been from rappers.  It must have been quite a surprise to hear my version after all those :).  I haven’t heard any of the others, but I know there are several for him to chose from.  Either way, I just loved the track!  I thought it was so naturally meant to be done as a positive, feel-good, let’s get away and dance-your-worry-away kind of song.  So, that’s what I put down on it.  Let me know if you think it is a good fit!….and be sure to check out his tracks on his page …I’m telling you…bananas!

Here are the links and the lyrics are down below…



Ooh, it’s gonna be alright

it’s gonna be alright

Yes, it’s gonna be alright

it’s gonna be alright


Why do you have your head down

oh, why do you look so sad

I know it’s rough here in this town

but there can be good with the bad

there is a fire inside you burnin’

and all it needs is release

let’s use the heat to dance the night away

tonight you’re comin’ with me

yeah yeah
Oooh, it’s gonna be alright

it’s gonna be alright

Yes, we’re gonna dance tonight

it’s gonna be alright


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