Words & Music

by monicadockery

Musings Past Midnight – Thank you…

It’s 1:30 am my time. Can’t sleep. Just sitting here thinking. I was thinking about how music tells the story of our life…or at least it should. I go back and listen to some of the first songs I put on here – way back last October – and as I go through them, it is as though I am revisiting my past lives. It is amazing all the things that can happen over the course of a few months. How our mind states change, the people that enter in and exit out of our lives. If nothing else comes of this…of me writing and sharing these songs…I will still be thankful for having put them down. Why? Because they are a running record of the things that move me, the people that inspire me, the pain that improves me, the love that heals me, the heart that beats in me. I see myself on the page — the good, the bad -the broken pieces. I see me clearly and have no choice but to own up to who I am, there’s no hiding or running away from it then.

And no, not every song I write is about me directly, but the ones that I’ve written based on another’s experience can still be counted as one of my own. Because what happens to the ones I love and what happens to the world I love….it IS a part of me. We are all connected to each other in more ways than we will ever fully be aware of. I’m glad life has led me to that lesson (and it is one I have to re-learn from time to time), because without it, I would have no empathy. Without empathy, I would have no love. And without love….what would matter?

I could go on and on with my ramblings…especially at this hour, but I won’t. I’ll simply say, thank you to those of you who have taken the time to walk through my life by listening to my songs. You’ve “seen” me sad, you’ve “seen” me happy. You’re there when my voice is weak, when it is strong. When I have felt unsure and when I have felt unstoppable. Who am I, but just another voice in the crowd? There are sooooo many people who can sing, who write songs. Am I any better? Certainly not – I do not think so. I’m just me, that’s all any of us are. We’re just us. That’s it. So, if you have taken the time to hear me, to care about finding out who I am….I am humbled, I am grateful.


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