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Updates, Nerds, and a Sneak Peak for Feature Friday

Hellooo!  The summer is running away from me!!!! Man, time flies when you’re in the sun.  Anyway, thought I’d give a little update on the music making.  I have three songs that I’ve been working on with two different SoundClouders.  All of them are hip-hop…..so excited about these.  I have been wanting to do a hip-hop collaboration for a long time now and finally…:).  The guys I’m working with are cool cats and let me run away with their tracks and do as I pleased.  Now, it’s their turn to do they’re portion and then….voila!  Magic.  I say magic because it is pretty amazing how music can bring worlds together.  Ireland, London, Brazil, Puerto Rico.  These next two have the touch of all different parts of the world and that is awesomeeeeeee.   In addition to wanting to do hip-hop, I’ve been wanting to get into some Spanish songs.  I grew up around the Spanish language and it is near and dear to my heart because it brings back memories of me as a little awkward, nerdy child.

Yes, NERD.  Four eyes, skinny, too-tall-for-my-age, no sense of style and all (if I had a picture available, I’d post it).  It’s ok, don’t feel bad for me.  I’ve come to love the “nerd” in me.  And though now I’ve learned a few things about how to dress and show “what my momma’ gave me”, I’m still that girl who loves to learn, to read, to write.  I’d rather be at the beach staring at the ocean than at a house party.  Don’t get me wrong, now…..every now and then, I looooove to get myself out on the dance floor and burn the house down:), but more often than not, I’d rather be alone.  So, there, now you know a little more about me than you were probably wanting to:).

Anyway, keep an ear/eye out for those songs…..I should have at least two up by the weekend.  Also, I forgot to mention that I started a new SoundCloud account.  I still have my old one, but I was running out of space, so I decided to open another and keep the new one for all the collaboration stuff.  So, all the collaborations that I have done thus far and the ones that are coming up can be found on that page.  Here is the link…..http://soundcloud.com/camille-leone.  If you’re wondering why the name is different, it is because I am working on hip-hop stuff right now and was thinking it would be fun to come up with my own pseudonym and since Lil’ Wayne is taken, I picked Camille Leone.  I thought it was fitting.

Ok, as promised..sneak peak for this Friday’s Featured Artist.  I found this absolutely gorgeous music!!!  I love it.  It has a hint of Cold Play, but stands on its own feet…..come back on Friday to check it out…..I’ll give you a hint….man on the moon.  That is all.  Come visit me on facebook or my new soundcloud account.  Gracias!

If I find a nerdy picture, I’ll share it later.

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  1. Now I’ve got an excellent idea for a fresh post on my own site. Thanks a bunch!

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