Words & Music

by monicadockery

This week’s new song……I Won’t Go

Note…this is not the announcement that I wrote about yesterday, it’s only this week’s song.  I will share that announcement with you soon though.

This week’s song is called “I Won’t Go” and I think it can be interpreted in different ways, so I don’t really want to add to it here.  I just wanted to share that I wrote it about three days ago.  I was sitting in a quiet spot, thinking.  It was late at night…and the words came.  For me it is one of those deep soul songs.  All of my songs come from my heart, but there are a few that come from a much deeper, hard to reach and hard to describe place.  That is where this came from, I think.  I was going to post it without music….just a cappella…but, today I had a little time to try and work out the tune a bit.  It still needs some tweaking as far a timing goes and I really kept hearing the piano in my head instead of the guitar.  So, if I can get someone to do this on the piano for me, I think I might go with that.  But, for now, it’s just me and Layla (my guitar).  I hope you enjoy it…hope it touches or sparks something in you.  If you’d like, come visit me on facebook or soundcloud too.  Here are the links to the song and down below are the lyrics.  Have a good night all!

You think you know me, but you don’t
you think you own me, but I say no
you want to pull me down, down, down, down
but I won’t go

About to bust open all of these doors
you have no idea what is in store
you haven’t seen me this way before
all of this time, I have been blind, and deaf, and mute
all of my senses gone away
but I can touch, and I can hear, and I can see
that I will finally have my say


Thought I was a child for all of this time
thought I wasn’t worth a nickel, penny, or a dime
but I didn’t know it was all a lie
Just because you said, it doesn’t make it true
I wish I had known before
but, now I know, and now I’ll go, and now I’ll throw
all the tattered-torn lies away

I was right there where you wanted me
alone, without hope
I was right there where you wanted me
you think you know, but …you don’t



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