Words & Music

by monicadockery

Today it Happened….


Today it happened.  Today I saw his face and it made me smile.  Today, I put a perfectly ripe strawberry to my lips and let them feel each tiny bump before taking a bite with full commitment.  Today, I went for a run even though it was cloudy and the forecast said it would rain, because I wanted to meet it when it arrived.  As I ran, the rain seemed to wash away the world around me, leaving me only with the sound of my feet upon the wet pavement and the pounding of a racing heart within my chest.  Today it happened.  Today I woke up ready to be here.  Happy to be here.  And now, I’m going to bed wishing that today would stay today because tomorrow I won’t be here.  Tomorrow I won’t see his face.  Tomorrow I will have no recollection of what a strawberry even is let alone what it feels like.  Tomorrow the rain will still fall down on me, only I will not feel it’s touch.  Tomorrow there will be no sound, no pound.  But, that’s tomorrow — not Today.


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4 thoughts on “Today it Happened….

  1. Aw come on everyday is like that for you

    • I try to make it so, but really I was just thinking about all that I will be missing when I die one day. Morbid, I know, but the thought does come from time to time and when it does I get melancholy about it because I love this life too much!:/

  2. Beautiful! When I was a little girl, whenever I was “in the moment” like at Disneyland or enjoying a dessert or playing games, I never wanted it to end. Today, my mom tells me “Some things never change”. xoxo

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