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THE ALBUM IS FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!!!!! :))))))

Finally, finally, finally!!!  The album I’ve been working on since the beginning of the summer is complete.  My first ever and I’d say my best work yet!  I cannot wait to share the songs with you.  Today I’m going to be giving an exclusive preview of each song on my Facebook page.  If you’d like to preview the album before it gets released tomorrow, please join my FB music family as I will be posting the private preview on there at 12pm PST.   And/or check the FULL album out tomorrow (October 15th), the OFFICIAL release, which will be available at http://monicadockery.com (not viewable until tomorrow).



Album Update #3 – 3 Reasons Why Recording Sucks….until

Photo on 8-7-13 at 9.31 AM #3

Hellooo!  A picture of me getting ready to do a full day of recording….I had just woken up (one perk of recording from home…you can do it in your pjs….or well…you know)

Time for a little update on the progress of my FIRST EVER, self-produced album :).  Ok, so I have officially gone into the phase that involves full-day recording sessions and the thing that I realized is…..recording sucks.  I have recorded before, many times – for other people’s projects and for singles of my own and that has always gone pretty well.  But, recording vocals, background vocals, guitar, AND percussion instruments for 21 songs (19, 2 bonus) is INSANE!!!!  I clearly had NO IDEA what I was getting into when I first started this project.  Holy crap.  So, here’s the top 3 gripes I have about recording:

1)  You can’t just wing it.  If you knew me, you would know how much I despise planning.  However, with recording, I have found you HAVE TO plan.  Sure, you can improvise and such while you experiment with the styling and embellishments here and there….but, you have to plot out your moments and nail them while keeping tempo, proper pitch, maintaining the ability to emote, making sure you’re not too far or too close to the mic, delivering the lyric flawlessly, and so on and so forth (phew!).  Easier said than done indeed.

2)  It is UNNATURAL.  In “real life”, when you sing or play the guitar, we don’t stand in an isolation tank with padded walls with headphones on our head.  Usually, you have somebody to look at and interact with while your singing or  it is you, sitting at the beach, with the wind in your face, strumming your guitar.  Not so in “the booth” (mine is a makeshift one that doubles as my closet).  So, yeah, feels weird.  But, eventually, you do get used to it and sometimes to the point where  it gets weird to sing in front of people again :).

3.) It stands between me and my FINISHED album!!!!  Yes, this one is the one.  This is the main reason why recording sucks.  It is the necessary evil.  You cannot have an album to share with folks unless you do it.  And, damn, don’t we love our immediate gratification?!  To have conceived a project, to have poured out your soul in the writing of lyrics, to have found the melody that you were looking for on your guitar, etc., but have to WAIT to share it until all the recording mumbo jumbo is done?!  That sucks.  I don’t like to wait.

BUT….this I know….

It will certainly be worth the wait.  When it is all packaged up and sent out and I can finally share it with you lovely peeps, I will have made my peace with recording and will have a huge smile on my face :).  Can’t WAIT to share these soul songs with you!  Let me end with a quick rundown on the stats for the overall recording progress.

  • All guitar tracking for the 21 songs is finished and most of the additional instrumentation/percussion is complete!! (well, I hope)
  • 5 songs are completely finished  and I love them!
  • Cover art has been chosen……to be revealed soon :0 …dun dun dun
  • Title?  TBD  (it’s between two finalists)
  • I have one of my special friends/guest artists that will be joining me –  Ben Z –  (there will be others as well), who just sent me his contribution to one of the songs on the album and I am so happy with it!!  It is the perfect finishing touch.  But – honestly, he never disappoints….don’t take my word for it, though, you can check out his talents here at his page
  • Date of Release?  To be announced soon (depending on a few things)

Ok, that is all for now.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for checking in with me as I continue on this new journey!

Album Journey – Mini Update 1


Photo on 5-14-13 at 10.43 PM

You may or may not have read my post on starting my first – completely self-produced – album a while back. I’m so very very excited! I will be doing a series of mini-updates on here for the rest of the journey. Here’s a quick run down on the status of the album as of 2:20 AM on June 19, 2013:):

Title ? — Nope, not yet….but, I have a list of several potentials that all play around the same idea

Genre: who knows??? I guess when the album comes out, any bloggers that review it will be able to tell me.

Number of Songs: Well, as of today….21 songs!!! (19, 2 bonus). I am currently struggling to decide on whether to keep or cut. I probably won’t decide until much much later in the game. So, currently, I’m working on them as though I’ll be using them all.

Recording Phase: Right now, I’m laying down temporary tracks so that I can experiment with tempos, instrumentation, vocal arrangements and so on.

Overall Progress: Much to do, but I’m on my way. I have the temp tracks and basic arrangement down for 14 of the 21 songs already:).

What’s Next?: I want to finish up getting the basic ideas/sounds down for the remaining 7 tracks. Then, begin doing the actual tracking of instruments and REAL vocal recordings.

Wish me luck! I’ll be back with another update in the near future. Have a great week!

Some more Vlog entries……A BIG thank you to you!

Hellooo! So, these are two recent vlogs.  They are basically what I put in my last written blog, but as a fellow blogger said, “some people prefer to hear it straight from you.”  Thus….


A BIIIIIG thank you to the 20,000+ followers on Soundcloud and Facebook!


An announcement….

Words & Music 2012: Looking back over this past Year….reminisce with me:)


Helloooooo!  Wow, can you believe 2012 will be over after today?  What a great year it has been! So many exciting things have happened this year!  I wanted to take some time to reflect on the milestones that I’ve hit this past year, review the goals I had for this blog last New Year’s (see how I did), and share with you some exciting news about changes taking place after the New Year.  Join me for this little bit of reflection:).

First of all, let’s review the 4 goals I had made last year for this blog and whether or not I met them:

1. I plan on adding a few video blogs, with live home performances of new and old songs and, on occasion, some discussions about music and other topics.

Did I meet it?  I did add a few live home performances via Youtube and audio interviews via Soundcloud, no video blogs though.  So maybe I’d give myself a B+ on this one.

2. Although I am constantly writing songs, posting two new, original songs every week is sometimes too much. So, I’ll be cutting back a bit and will be replacing the vacancies with music from known and not-so-known musicians/performers that I love.

Did I meet it?  Yes, I did.  I did several posts that featured music from other musicians/performers (known and unknown) as well as collaborations I did with other artists.  So A+  (by the way, I used to be a teacher, so giving out grades comes as a second nature to me….in case you were wondering why:) )

3. I would like to re-design the look of the blog and add a few new widgets.

Did I meet it:  NOOOOO:/.  I didn’t add much of anything in the form of widgets on this blog.  A big fat F for me on this one!  But, I kind of like that I kept it classic to be honest:)

4. Charities are dear to my heart…ones that are really doing something, at least. I’d like to use some blog posts to expose readers to charities and local organizations and how people can get involved with what they’re doing.

Did I meet it:  Yes!  I did a few posts on charities on this blog.  But, more importantly, I organized the Day4Women online conference that featured 22 charities and the work they do.  In addition, I write for the Day4Women blog and feature a new charity every Wednesday.  I encourage you to stop by and check them all out!  So…yes….another A+

Overall, I get something like a C+ average.  Hey, it’s passing:)!  Now, onto my 2012 Highlights list!

  • Last year on New Year’s Eve I had 5 followers.  Today, I have 26:).  Thank you to all of you who have kept checking in and joined!
  • This past year, I wrote, recorded, and shared over 50 original songs…..phew!
  • May 2012 I started my Facebook music page.  Now, I have 79 followers.  It has been great getting to know everyone on there and getting to connect to people from all over the world!
  • In August 2012, I was selected as the Soundcloud Hero for Anaheim, CA
  • A few months ago, I hit the 15, 000 follower mark on Soundcloud and have been able to connect and collaborate with some wonderful, amazingly talented people from across the globe
  • I organized the Day4Women All-female Soundcloud Collaboration Album, and the Day4Women website and conference.  This, by far, has been the most important part of this past year for me.  It is where my heart is right now, in trying to help and inspire women and connect to women from around the world.  I want to help raise awareness about abuse, rape, and injustices women are facing around the world and in my community.  I have had the opportunity to meet and work with such wonderful women (especially those that collaborated with me on the Day4Women album).  I am honored to have met them all and for them to have shared pieces of themselves with me!

It really HAS been a great year!  I cannot say enough how much it has meant to me to have you come by and check in on me, listen to my songs, and encourage me.  Thank you so much to you all.

Finally, to the exciting news and changes!

First of all, I am going to be hosting an open-mic every Wednesday here in Anaheim, CA at the local cafe called Gypsy Den.  I am so thrilled because it will give me a chance to cheer on other artists and continue to share my music.  If you are ever in the area on a Wednesday, I hope you’ll stop by and say hi!  Second, as I have gone over this past year and everything that has happened, I realize that it is time for a change.  I have decided that I will no longer be posting new songs every week.  It has been great practice for me and has kept me challenged and motivated to post a new ORIGINAL song every week, but now I am wanting to switch from quantity to quality.  I would like to put out a complete, full-length album that is done in a REAL studio with REAL equipment….all the bells and whistles I can afford.  I feel like it is time and I have plenty of material to work with.  So, YAY!  I’m very happy about this decision.  It is something that has been a long time coming.  That said, working on a full album and the Day4Women website and events, I am afraid I will not have the time to continue posting weekly posts on this blog.  It will not be my main focus this year coming.  However, that does not mean that I won’t be posting at all.  I will continue to post from time to time and will definitely post updates on the progress of the album as well, but the number of posts will go down quite a bit.

So, that’s it!  That was all I had to share with you today.  Thank you for taking some time to look back over Word & Music’s 2012 highlights and such.  I hope it has been a great year for you all as well and if it hasn’t, we are at the beginning of a NEW YEAR!

Happy New Year’s to you!  May it bring you peace, joy, and good music:)!

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