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DaVinci was a “G”…



Wow, just spent the day at a DaVinci exhibit nearby.  Amaziiiiiiiing.  I have learned and read about DaVinci before but when you see all the models of the stuff he thought up in front of you, it is ridiculous.  They found 6, 000 plus pages of his notebooks FULL of creations, and those were just the ones that were found.  What is more remarkable than the number of ideas is the quality of them.  Every one came out of a desire to find a solution to a problem.  A contribution of something meaningful, that could add to the quality of life for ordinary folks and that could change the way the world works at large.  Pretty astonishing.  And…inspiring.  I think about how long he lived – 67 years – not long.  That means he used every minute of it usefully.  What might we accomplish if we all were to devote our energies to creating solutions to problems?  Could you imagine how the world would be different?  How much further along we would be?  For providing inspiration not only for myself but for millions throughout history since his time, I pronounce DaVinci a true “G”.  I leave you with two quotes from the man himself:

“While I thought I was learning how to live, I have been learning how to die”

“He who wishes to be rich in a day will be hanged in a year.”

Inspire? Create? Solve?  Let’s.

Today it Happened….


Today it happened.  Today I saw his face and it made me smile.  Today, I put a perfectly ripe strawberry to my lips and let them feel each tiny bump before taking a bite with full commitment.  Today, I went for a run even though it was cloudy and the forecast said it would rain, because I wanted to meet it when it arrived.  As I ran, the rain seemed to wash away the world around me, leaving me only with the sound of my feet upon the wet pavement and the pounding of a racing heart within my chest.  Today it happened.  Today I woke up ready to be here.  Happy to be here.  And now, I’m going to bed wishing that today would stay today because tomorrow I won’t be here.  Tomorrow I won’t see his face.  Tomorrow I will have no recollection of what a strawberry even is let alone what it feels like.  Tomorrow the rain will still fall down on me, only I will not feel it’s touch.  Tomorrow there will be no sound, no pound.  But, that’s tomorrow — not Today.

Free Tutorial on How to Grow a Heart

Hellooooo! Hope you had a happy Easter weekend.  Tonight, I just wanted to write.  So, I decided to write tutorial on….

How To Grow A Heart – In 10 Steps


1. Make sure to put it into plenty of difficult/ trying situations

2. Take it to see beautiful things.

3. Make sure to put it into plenty of difficult/ trying situations

4.  Get a hammer and break it into pieces.  NOTE: Wait for ? minutes for this to take effect.

5. Make sure to put it into plenty of difficult/ trying situations

6.  Let it out to walk around for some fresh air and exercise every day.

7. Feed it with “good karms” and keep it away from the “bad karms”.

8. Make sure to put it into plenty of difficult/ trying situations

9. Put it up against another heart and leave it there until it starts to feel the beat of the other.

And last but not least….

10. Make sure to put it into plenty of difficult/ trying situations

Peace comes at a Price

Mulling…mulling….then, more mulling.  That little thought in your head.  What could I have done differently?  It swims around inside your mind, making waves that crash loudly and overpower all the other things floating around loosely in there.  It will not stop.  No.  It will not stop until…..you pay the price.  What is the price?  It is different for everyone and for every situation.  For some, it is a simple “I’m sorry”.  For some, it is public shame.  For others, it is emotional or physical pain or a myriad of other things.  Whatever it is….there is a price to pay for peace to come, for the waves to settle.

So pay the price, and when you do, commit it to memory.  Remember what it cost you in order to make the tempestuous upheaval ravaging the corners of your mind cease.  Then…and only then….will the price you paid be worth it.  For, then, it will not have only bought you peace, but also…..wisdom.

Some more Vlog entries……A BIG thank you to you!

Hellooo! So, these are two recent vlogs.  They are basically what I put in my last written blog, but as a fellow blogger said, “some people prefer to hear it straight from you.”  Thus….


A BIIIIIG thank you to the 20,000+ followers on Soundcloud and Facebook!


An announcement….

Sam I Am

Hellooo! Hope you had a great weekend.  I spent mine in sand and surf:).  Perfect.  A quick update.  As mentioned before, I have decided to go forward and put together an album – a complete set of works.  So, much writing and thinking and resting happening.  Yes, resting.  The best stuff happens when you just stop and rest….take a moment.  I’ll be taking as many moments as I can because I want the album to reflect the deepest parts of me….the things I love, the people I love, the life I love.  Can you see a theme developing?:).  I only plan on doing one album.  No more.  I do not intend to make a career of this as it really is just something that I enjoy and that brings me peace and I don’t want for it to become a “job” for me.  I think when it becomes a job, the magic slips away.  So, this album is it.  So, may my heart and soul be poured out all over it.  I have about 7 songs down now and am still writing.  Then, there’s a whole hell of a lot of stuff I have to figure out how to do….like mixing and such;).  We’ll see how things end up taking shape. I’ll keep posting updates as things progress.  Thanks for taking this journey with me!  Here is a rough, acoustic version of a song called “Sam I Am” I just wrote that may or not make the cut.  Let me know what you think.  Have a great week!


3 Vlogs for the price of one:)….cold, rain, coffee, chai, love, and music….


Helloooooo!  So, a few days ago, I woke up and was bored because it was hella cold outside and I didn’t want to get out of bed!  Instead, I decided to make some freestyle, impromptu vlog entries.  I wanted to experiment with stream of consciousness and just start saying whatever came to mind.  I recorded three and here they are.  WARNING: What you are about to see may be disturbing…..mainly because of my “I literally just woke up” hair and face:P!!!….and in case you may be wondering, no, I was not high when I made these he he.

Me, bitching….

Forgive her for she knows not what she says….

Yo…check out my freestyle….word.

Audiobiography: Share Your Life Through Sound


The Soundcloud Heroes, the group of creatives of which I have the honor to be a part of, have just launched a massive collaborative project called Audiobiography! Get to know the people behind the sounds, and share some of your own sounds.   The goal is to get as many people we possibly can to create and share their own, unique AUDIO-biography by March 31st!  We are going to be listening to/curating them all and will be featuring some on Soundcloud’s official blog.  It is a great way to “e-meet” people from all over the world and to let people in on who you are and what matters most to you.  There have been some thoughtful and incredibly inventive pieces submitted so far.  Here are a few that I really liked that are good examples:

I invite you to join in the project!  Make your own audiobiography and invite your friends to do the same.  Here’s how: http://blog.soundcloud.com/2013/02/06/audiobiography/

I have done my own audiobiography as well.  If you care to know who I am, I think this gets to the core:

Hope to hear your audiobiography and get to know more about you!

Faces of Me.

So, no song this week because I’m wrapping up the song I’m going to be contributing to the Day4Women Soundtrack (an all-female Soundcloud collaboration album).  I debated between two songs as to which I would choose.  One is about the strength and hope of a woman who has been through hell and back and is still making it.  The other is a double-sided coin.  It shows one woman’s life from two different angles.  I decided on….well….not sure still.  But, I’m recording tomorrow and we shall see who makes the cut.

So, in the meantime, I thought I’d share some “faces of me”(warning: I just woke up in these and it shows:))…..can you tell what’s on my mind in each?

Experimenting & The Fear of Failure

Hellooooo!  So, although I am slowing down on putting out songs while I am organizing this Day4Women conference, I am still making music as I can.  This month, as part of the Soundcloud Heroes community collaboration theme of “Sounds of Autumn”, I did make a contribution.  Again, these community collaborations are done for the purpose of getting Soundclouders to connect and create together.  That said, every contribution made for each month’s theme must include the sounds of at least one other person on Soundcloud.  This time, I used the sounds of two of my fellow Soundcloud Heroes, Shifty Teeth and One Hello World.  In addition, I added my own sounds (guitar and vocals) and organized/produced the track.  Now, that word “produced” brings me to the topic of today….experimenting and the fear of failure.

I am not an expert at producing and making tracks.  Now, I have made many tracks before…but, that still does not make me an expert.  What it does make me is an “experimenter”.  I experiment with a little bit of this and a little bit of that and…”hey, that sounds cool”…etc.  I have NO idea what I am doing at all.  I just try something and do what I can.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.  It is very scary, actually.  To try something new, test out new ideas, and then put them out there for people to hear.  I can see why people may stray away from doing that.  It puts you in such a vulnerable place.

For example, this latest song, the one I did for this month’s community collaboration, was very much an experiment for me.  I had to use other people’s sounds and try to fit them in with mine and it did not come out very smoothly.  But, I did it, I put it out there because I wanted to go against that feeling — the fear of failure.  I want to not let the fear of failure get in the way of my creative endeavors.  I think musicians/songwriters/artists should be allowed to fail every now and then.  Why?  Because failure can bring learning, insight, and can push someone to exceed   on the next one.  We should be allowed to try out something new, something outside of our normal.  Where would we be without experimenting?  We’d be stuck hearing the same damn thing every time, never progressing.

Same goes in life.  We should be allowed to try something new and become ok with the idea that we might fail.  Because when we do this, we open the door to other possibilities, to deeper understanding of our world and our own selves.  So I say…to hell with it.  Do not let the fear of failure stop your need/desire to experiment and try something new.  All that said….here is my latest “experiment”.

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