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Some more Vlog entries……A BIG thank you to you!

Hellooo! So, these are two recent vlogs. ¬†They are basically what I put in my last written blog, but as a fellow blogger said, “some people prefer to hear it straight from you.” ¬†Thus….


A BIIIIIG thank you to the 20,000+ followers on Soundcloud and Facebook!


An announcement….

Featured Musician/Performer: Cammy Enaharo

I love this lady! I found her music on SoundCloud a week or so ago and fell for it right away. There is a song on her account there called “Pedaling” that is so great. It feels as though you are actually riding around town on the front handle bars of someone’s bike. And I loved that she took something like a bike ride and took it somewhere deeper. One of my favorite things to discover in someone’s music or artwork is the transformation of something from mundane to meaningful and she does this very often and very well in her songs. Her sound, to me, is reminiscent of somewhere between that of Adele and Amy Whinehouse’s, but what makes hers different is that she paints her songs with a palette of colors that is a few shades brighter. Please give her a listen…or two…or three:). Find her on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/CammyEnaharoMusic
or on soundcloud (where you can find the “Pedaling” song mentioned above) at http://soundcloud.com/cammy-enaharo. Like her, follow her, leave a comment….show your love! Good luck to you Cammy! It is a shame that music like yours is nowhere to be found in mainstream media outlets….yet:)

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