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Audiobiography Re-Cap! Help us reach 5,000 by March 31st!


Helloooo! Time for an update! In case you missed when I first announced the launching of the Soundcloud Heroes community collaboration project called Audiobiography a while back, let me refresh your memory.  We, the Soundcloud Heroes, put out collaborative projects for people in the SC community to get involved in.  All of them are centered around the sharing of sounds. Audiobiography is the latest project and is still underway.

We asked people to share a sound, any sound, that expressed who they were and what was important to them.  People have chosen to do spoken word, an interview-type format, a musical composition, or all three of those combined! Our goal is to reach 5, 000 contributors by March 31st.  We haven’t met our goal yet, but we’ve had some wonderful, creative submissions so far! Every week one of the Heroes members has been curating everyone’s submissions and doing a re-cap on the Hello Heroes feature on the Soundcloud blog.  Here is last week’s re-cap.

And…here is a re-posting of the piece I submitted:

As we are reaching the half-way point for the month and nearing the end of the project, I encourage you to visit the blog and check out the submissions that have been turned in.  Hopefully they will move you, make you laugh, and INSPIRE you to do an Audiobiography of your own.  We tried to make it as easy as possible to participate.  Here are the basic steps from Soundcloud’s Hello Heroes blog:

  • Record or creatively share a sound that describes and answers the question: who are you and what’s important to you? Perhaps it’s a freestyle rap, or a recording that features your latest piano composition as background music. Keep the track to ~90 seconds.
  • Name the track Audiobiography with your name, as such “Audiobiography: Ben Z.” Add a description.
  • Tag the track “audiobio” and upload.
  • If you have the Spotlight feature, pin the sound to the top of your profile. You can also add the sound to your profile’s description under your

For more on the steps and to get the translations of the details of the project in another language, please see this post.  Tell your story through sound and help us reach our goal of 5, 000 by March 31st!


Little Angelina….and Updates

Helloooooo! I have been a little preoccupied lately. Many collaborations in the works and I’m still working on some of my solo songs at the same time. There is also the possibility of me collaborating with a few rappers from various parts of the world on a song for an album that they are going to be putting out soon. It is going to be used as a tool to motivate, educate, and encourage youth. I am really excited about this as it something I have always been supportive of. I will be sure to post updates on that project on here and on my Facebook page once the ball gets rolling. And…next Friday’s featured artists is going to be one of the rappers involved in that project…..so be sure to check in!

This week, I just wanted to share my newest song. It is called Little Angelina and is a collaboration with a guy named Masoud Tehran who is from Iran. He sent me a track and I loved it (I’m hoping he will be ok with me using it for a female collaboration album with other SoundCloud female users that I am going to be working on with my fellow SC Heroes….details to follow). I immediately began seeing images of a little ballerina in a jewelry box. I imagined that the little ballerina was real and began coming up with her story. So, the song begins with her as a little girl — innocent, full of dreams. Then, the rest of the song is about what happens to her and her dreams as she gets older. I don’t want to go too much into detail, but I will say that I think this might be one of my favorite songs yet. There is something about the track….that little, gentle twinkle sound ( I think it is a glock) in the back that moved me so much. It reminded me of someone I knew, someone I used to take care of a long time ago. She had so much talent, so much potential. I don’t know where she is now, but I hope that wherever she is, she is happy, healthy, and has found her way back to her dreams.

Here is the new song (and below that are the lyrics):

Little Angelina

tiny footsteps down the hall

pink clouds, moonbeams on the wall

little Angelina, perfect ballerina

now you dance in shadows

with men cold and shallow

little angelina

broken ballerina

she didn’t really mean for it to be this way

but she didn’t know how to ease the pain

she didn’t really mean for it to be this way

but now she is dancing in the rain

little Angelina, perfect ballerina

you think she has left you

but she could never let you

push her so far away

that you couldn’t find her today

oh Angelina, oh Angelina

you can find your way

it doesn’t really have to be this way

there’s a way to ease the pain

it doesn’t really have to be this way, no

you don’t have to keep dancin’ in the rain

little Angelina

you’re a ballerina

little Angelina

Get involved! August’s Soundcloud Heroes Collaborative Project

Hellooo! Hi guys! Just wanted to give a quick update and some info. As you may have read in my last post, I am the new Soundcloud (SC) Hero for Anaheim, CA. As part of being a hero, I am going to be involved in monthly collaborative projects on SC with other clouders and this month’s theme is “Road Trip”.

What does a road trip sound like? What kinds of sounds would you hear getting to your destination or when you arrive? Think people, atmosphere, nature, city sounds, animals…sky is the limit. So, the way it works is we all collect sounds, songs, make tracks, spoken word recordings, etc. and share them by following the steps outlined here on the SC blog page. Then, when we’ve all collected the sounds, we put them together and share our various creations! The works are posted on the SC community and SC heroes pages as well as on the various other Internet network sites that SC is on. This is a great way to get your creative juices flowing, to start collaborating, make connections, get your work/name out there, and….to just have some fun!

I hope to collaborate with you, keep checking in for more updates on our monthly collaborations and other projects. And, if you any questions on how to get involved, please feel free to contact me through commenting here on my blog or at my solo SCFacebook page or SC account! or my collaboration SC account!

Hope you have a great day and to hear from you!!


Up to You

Today’s song post comes to you sans any music tracks.  I thought it was best to do this one a cappella because  it is such an emotional song already…..a very raw emotion that, I think, requires a raw presentation.  It highlights the complexities involved in the relationship between parent and child.

We expect the ones who raise us to be superman, to be our heroes, to be perfect.  When we find out that they are only human, it is disappointing.  We blame them for their faults as well as ours and wonder how our perspectives on life came to be so incredibly different.  But…someone very close to me once said, “One day that person is no longer going to be here and none of that will matter.”  That was a huge moment for me.  No matter what, I would miss both my parents so much if they weren’t here and I wouldn’t remember all the arguments. Instead, I would remember all the nuances — those special moments when they were “Mommy” and “Daddy”.  In the end, they do what they can and same goes for all of us.  We do what we can, the best we know how.  We are not perfect, we are people and if you love someone, you love them for all of who they are — the good, the bad, the everything.

The song is Up to You

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