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A Fighter’s Anthem (Don’t Give Up) ….feat. track by H2H and guitar solo from Sandman07

Young, female, Syrian protestor…

Helloooo! The songs keep coming! This time, it is yet another collaboration with the guys from Hitch-Hiking 2 Hawaii. This time, Sandman07 put his touch on the song with a nice, gritty guitar solo. How the song came about…

I had been interested in doing more bluesy-type songs, trying something a little different but still very close to my heart. I mentioned that somewhere and they saw it and it just so happens that they had just made a bluesy-type track intended for a female vocalists at the very same time. So, they sent it to me and immediately this song came out. Something about the vibe of it pulled something out of me that I have only tapped into a few times before. I know that part is in me…this fiery, sassy, risk taker…but, I rarely let her out. That part of me kind of scares me, to be honest. She is a little less tame, is impulsive, unpredictable. I would like to find a way to take the best of her and my usual calm, mellow self and allow them to co-habitate. I think music might be one of the ways I can accomplish that goal. It is through music–and writing– that I am able to delve deep and show all the little nooks and crannies of who I am. Not only to show them but to discover them myself. Yes, there are things in me that I am still discovering…that I wasn’t all the way aware of before. I think that is part of the journey of life….not becoming the people we will be, but discovering the people that we are. To strip down to our bare selves….taking off the constraints of our community, the misunderstandings of early experiences, the expectations of others. There is that pure soul in there, that person we are when no one is looking, when we don’t have to wear any of our hundred masks that we wear throughout any given day. If we can tap into THAT…..that’s why we do this. That’s why there is music, why there is poetry….it is the search for that raw, unprocessed being. Whoa, I just went somewhere I didn’t mean to…. I was supposed to be talking about the song.

Anyway, the song….I love it. I think it may be one of my best works yet, simply because it did pull from somewhere deeper inside of me…and because, vocally, it is one of my more solid recordings. The key that the song is in, I think, was in what some might call “the sweet spot” for my vocal range…where there is tension, but just the right amount. And, I just think the guys I’m working with are two solid characters…funny and genuine. So, I’ve enjoyed the collaborative relationship we’ve established. Thanks, guys, for being open to my suggestions and for sharing your music with me……here’s a link to their page http://soundcloud.com/hitch-hiking2hawaii check them out! There are more songs we have in the works, so we’ll see what comes of them soon. Keep checking in! Here’s the link to the new song (inspired by the turmoil in Syria)….called A Fighter’s Anthem (Don’t Give Up)…



He’s Just a Shadow – new song/collaboration

Helloooo!  Well, I am happy to share that one of the collaborations that I had mentioned before is now – seemingly – complete (I say seemingly because I always want to go back and re-do things and make them better).  Anyway, this time the collaboration was with a duo called Hitch-Hiking 2 Hawaii.  They are like me in some ways in that they try out all different sounds and are open to collaborating with people who come from varying backgrounds and tastes in music.  As such, it would be hard for me to categorize their music and say they are this or that.  Best thing is to just check them out for yourselves and decide for yourself.  They can be found at www.soundcloud.com/hitch-hiking2hawaii.

As for the song itself, it is a ballad (at least I think it is) and is a beautiful acoustic track.  They did a great job making it and  you can tell they were thinking of the person that might be coming in and singing on it because they put distinct cues and pauses for the various parts into the track.  It made it easier for me to write and sing to. I am also quite glad that they were open to letting me take the song wherever I wanted to (btw, all the other collaborations thus far have been the same — all very cool, open minded people).  It was written to be taken as more of a metaphor than an actual story, but the story is definitely there as well.  Sometimes when I am listening to a track, I get images of a movie in my head.  The images provoke a certain sentiment and then the words follow.  That is what happened in this case.

I had the image of a woman in her room at night looking at the edge of her bed where her husband used to sit and talk to her at night.  When they first met, he gave her a jacket to keep her warm as they walked around the city.  She wanted to give it back to him when they reached her door, but he insisted she keep it.  That was the beginning of a long love story between the two.  One day, he had to go away (I’ll leave that to your imagination) and something happened to him (I’ll leave that to your imagination), and he never came back.  Before he left, he told her not to worry and that when he returned he would want his jacket back — his way of promising.  But, he never came back and so she sleeps with the jacket at the end of the bed and imagines him still sitting there.

The song doesn’t really have to be about a literal loss of life.  Sometimes people get lost in life….they lose their way, become people they weren’t.  When that happens, sometimes you catch glimpses of the people they were before (a shadow of their old selves), but they are forever changed by something.  That was what I was really trying to get to in the song too.  (some people feel they shouldn’t explain their songs, the song should speak for itself — it does, but sometimes, I like to share where it came from just like the movies give special features to let people in on the process).

Anyway, enough “talking” — the song….hope it means something.


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