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Foreign Labels

Just sitting here. Staring at a page……

I want to see into the past and future, to zoom out and look beyond “my” life into how it is connected to every living being that has come before and will come after me. This because of that, that because of this. It all goes together. How, then, is it so easy for us to divide ourselves? To separate who “we” are from “them.” It is a boundary that was invented long ago that is, in my opinion, becoming obsolete–vestigial. It makes absolutely no sense to me.

Civil wars, the Congo, Gaddafi, Iraq, Iran, “Illegals”, family feuds, “class wars” — the violence in word, in deed, in mind. If only we could all just zoom out…..way out….and see the interconnectedness of it all. I need you and you need me. We, the human race, have been here on this Earth for a while now, but we have much evolving yet to do. This song –Foreign Labels– comes straight from one of the deepest of my desires—the desire for commonhood. Call me naive, call me an idealist….call me what you will. If I stop hoping for it, my heart will break and, I fear, it will never repair. Bob Marley….ONE LOVE….smart man. But, they kill smart men (and women) – see also Martyrs of Peace. So, maybe I should pose this post as merely a suggestion, a hypothetical….rather than an imperative just to be on the “safe side.”

and yes, I do like using quotations around more words than is necessary, but in the words of the one and only Bobby Brown…”It’s my prerogative!” 🙂

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