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Roller Coaster

Ever feel like your life is getting away from you….like someone else is driving you and making your decisions? This song…Roller Coaster is about someone in that position and realizing that no one put them into that position–he/she, alone, is responsible and he/she, alone, is the one who can regain control of his/her life.

Side note:  I don’t really like roller coasters…it has to be a really, smooth, not too crazy one for me to actually enjoy it.  But, I have much respect for those true thrill seekers out there.  If it weren’t for them, I probably would have never been dragged onto my first roller coaster!  Have a great weekend everyone!



Yesterday, I had a nice conversation with a dear family friend about inspiration. As we talked, it became very clear to me how heavily I depend upon inspiration in my life. Why do I wake up in the morning? Why do I do what I do in the day? Why do I write? Why do I play? It all comes back to inspiration. And…what is it that inspires me?

The wind on my face, rain, trees, blue skies….


The sound of my son’s laughter….

Good music ……


Deep conversation with a special someone.








Stillness.  When I am surrounded by silence in a dark, quiet room, that is when I can slow my thoughts down to zero and feel the stillness inside.  That is when inspiration ABOUNDS.  What a beautiful gift inspiration is. Where would we be without it? What about you….what is it that inspires you?


This song — hard to please — is for all the perfectionists out there!!! You know who you are. Trying so hard to please everyone while at the same time trying to please the hardest person of all…yourself. I’m right there with you. Appreciating our strengths and finding forgiveness for our failings…one of the toughest tasks of life. Give yourself a break on this beautiful Fall Friday and enjoy the weekend!


The Haunting

I guess it’s the time of year for a good haunting. I wrote this song–the haunting a while back when I had just returned from a trip to the mountains. If anyone knows me, they know I have a strange fascination with trees. I absolutely love them. In my eyes, they are gentle giants that beckon us every day to live life to the fullest. We think we will be here forever, but we won’t. Just like those trees that look so strong–that have been here (some of them) for longer than we have — they, too, will die one day, like those that came before them. We mourn for the loss of life, but we should mourn even more for the lives that are not being lived.

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