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Lilia (Flower Girl)

One of the changes I had decided to make on this blog this year was to add some videos. Although I would much rather remain in hiding, I realize that the world has become very dependent upon visual images and that hearing a song, simply by hearing it, sometimes isn’t enough. People want to look at a face, look in someone’s eyes and see…is this person for real? Is this person a good person, a genuine soul? Or is she a fraud? I have my own answers for those questions, but I am beginning to realize more and more that in this arena (the blogosphere), people want to be afforded the opportunity to make their own judgments.

All that said, I have decided to finally post a video. It is of me singing a song I wrote this past week after finding out a special lady, someone I grew up around, had passed. I am new to the guitar and I’ve been struggling trying to teach myself how to play. Despite my struggles with it, the guitar is such a great tool for me. I can use it for so many things…..to mess around, to entertain myself, to improve my memory, to grow new synapses, relieve tension, and …to express things that cannot be expressed in another way. The day after I heard of her death, I picked up the guitar and started just picking around on it and this soft, little phrase kept coming out….doo doo dai, dai, doo doo dai dai. Something about humming that over and over made me feel good….it made me think of a woman running through a field of flowers, happy, at rest. It stayed in my mind and later the next day, I wrote this song.

Here are the lyrics in case the audio is too low.

Doo doo dai, dai, doo doo dai dai…..

We all wonder why we’re here and why
We feel the pain and why we cry
So much we don’t know about
All the reasons why, oh why
We even have life

I met a flower girl once upon a time
She told me she had a reason why
She loved, and laughed and gave her life
It was LOVE, that was her why

And we may never see
What this life’s all about
But we know love’s one thing
We can’t do without
So love one another
Even when it hurts
Love one another
Listen to my words…

It’s all how we love
It’s all how we love
It’s all how we love
It’s all how we love

Doo doo dai, dai, Doo doo dai, dai….

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