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Make It

Hello!!!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. I just came back from time spent with my beautiful family at the beach. Such a lovely day today, though I feel like us Californians have been quite spoiled this winter season with so many sunny days. A little rain might do us some good….hopefully, this Monday we’ll see some. Anyway, as promised — a new song. Well, actually, for me it’s quite an old song. This song was written a while back when I first started messing around with writing and recording songs. It’s been in my computer and I listened to it the other day and thought I’d dust it off and share it with you all today.

I wrote it during a phase that I like to call “my uncharacteristically optimistic phase.” I hate to admit it, but I am naturally a glass half-empty type of person. I can see the bright side and feel the sun, but it just usually takes more work for me to do so….I have to do it intentionally–it doesn’t just happen for me as it seems to do for some. Therefore, I often end up having conversations with myself where I give myself a pep talk, a perspective check if you will, in order to not go to the dark side. There was a period of time, though, when (for some reason) it seemed like it was much easier for me to see the long view and I didn’t have to work so hard at it. It was out of this part of my life where this song came from. It is basically me talking to myself and saying….”hey, the only person that can make or break it for you is you, so stop complaining and do something already.” It is called …Make It

The track is a bit different from other stuff I’ve posted, but I try to get into all styles, try on various brands ….it challenges me and …it’s just fun.

Side note: I was very sorry to hear about Whitney Houston. Before the chaos in her life stole away her gift, no one came close to her talent. I only wish she would have been able to come out of it and find her way back. But, I will remember her at her best…what a great voice!

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