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Which Story do YOU sell? (Spoken Word transcript)

This is one of my spoken word pieces……

Which story do you sell?

Are you the girl who is at all the parties, dressed to impress, with your hair and makeup all did – exuding fierce confidence? Then, when you go home, you cry because no one took your number?

Are you the guy who always talks about how much he loves his wife and kids, how “blessed” he is? Then, when your wife is gone you slide on down to 23rd and slip the 18 year-old on the corner a couple 20s?

Are you the woman who is proud of the sacrifices she had to make to become the first female CEO of that company? Then, late at night, at home – after a nice glass of your favorite red, you pull out that old pregnancy test that read “++” and let a tear fall for the one you sacrificed?

Are you the boy who grew up to be a man? But, really, you never became a man because you never had someone to show you how to?

Are you one of those people who just KNOWS that they have all the answers to life wrapped up in one book? Then, when the that-wasn’t-supposed-to-happen-to-me happens, you don’t have a clue what to do?

Are you that politician who touts about how he voted for marriage equality? Then, when he sees his neighbors Dan and Jonathan walking their beagle, Sadie, down the street, he makes sure to cross to the other side of the street so as not to actually have to have a conversation with those two “perverts”?

Are you that scientist who stands up in front of a crowd and says – with $100 certainty – that you know why that is the way it is? Then, when you come across a colleague’s research that proves how it wasn’t at all the way it was, you belittle and dismiss your colleague’s work, sticking – stubbornly- by the side of error and arrogance?

Are you the physician who takes a vow to keep people healthy? Then, you give them the pills that BIG PHARMA told you to give them – or else – knowing that instead of keeping people healthy, you are signing people’s execution warrant?

Are you a priest who has vowed to be the hands of God on this Earth? Then, when God isn’t looking, you take the opportunity to use those hands to all-at-once, inappropriately touch a young boy and – consequently, destroy, any chance of him ever coming close to touching faith again?

Are you the team that boldy brandishes it’s flashy trophies – showing off all of it’s overachievements? Then, when you find out the trophies are really only gold-PLATED and not REAL gold, you rush over to the guys sitting across the way to try and take THEIR trophies?

Are you the President who says he wants “Gitmo” closed because it gives America a bad name? Then, you go and sign off on near-daily drone attacks where innocent people get maimed or murdered on a regular basis?

Do you say brown, when you mean white?

Do you say dark, when it is light?

Do you say you love him/her, when you don’t?

Do you say you will, when you KNOW you won’t?

Do you sell a story, and pretend it is real?

Even if you did, would you tell me still?

A Poet and a Princess….


Helloooooo!  Hope everyone is having a wonderful week thus far!  I can’t complain, sun has been shining, music flowing, and I got to celebrate both my birthday and the birthday of my HERO, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  I will never be able to fully explain my deep admiration for Dr. King. Since I was a little girl, I remember being so moved by his words.  As the years have passed, his words and his belief in nonviolence and the power of love over hate have become central parts of my being.  They permeate the life I live and also the music I make.  So, as I contemplated on how to best honor him here on this blog, I came across a poem written by a friend of mine (and a fellow Soundcloud Hero from Rockford, IL).  His name is Christopher D. Sims aka UniverSouLove.

He shared the poem below with me and I loved it so much, I thought I’d share it with you.  Here it is:

In the 21st century, Martin’s Dream

seems so far flung. So not far from

former Slave’s who were murdered,


In the 21st century, Martin’s Dream

Finds Brown vs. Board of Education

A failure to nations of young people

who see that progress is


In the 21st century, Martin’s Dream

discovers archaic drug laws, the

criminal justice system’s flaws,

politcian’s locked in the jaws of

the corporation.

Martin’s Dream in the 21st century

sees so, so, so much poverty. His

Poor People’s Campaign is much

needed, as American company’s

are the greediest. We are failing,

denying, the neediest.

In the 21st Century, Martin’s Dream

is not a reality. Mathematically, African-

Americans make up only 13% of America.

However, for some reason, we are

still licking our wounds from opposition,


Where will be in another 50 years?

If King’s Dream were alive today

It would be shedding tears.

Copyright Christopher D. Sims

January 21st, 2012

Dedicated to the spirit of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Chris is a kindred spirit and I appreciated his words so much as they do raise questions and touch on the fact that the “Dream” may be lost.  Before Dr. King was murdered, one of his main focuses was poverty.  It only takes one short walk around the block in any city in America to see that there is much more work that needs to be done in regards to the problem of poverty.  How is it that so much time has passed, yet so little has been accomplished in this area?  I agree with Chris, I believe Dr. King would be “shedding tears”.

Coming across Chris’ poem, it made me think of one that I wrote about a year ago.  I thought it would be a good parallel to his.  It is called the “American Dream”:

There is no rest for the weary
day turns into night
night turns into day

we are zombies, us all
walking through the streets with our breath sagging, our knuckles raw
from pounding against the steel of your vault
dark circles like swirls of smoke around our eyes
you’ve got us looking like raccoons
in a world run by buffoons
no prospects
no respect
so do we reject
the dream you’ve been selling?

I wish I could
my eyes try and try
but my mind knows
if I rest I die
cause that’s the way you made the game
and so I spend each day the same
watching my blacks turn grays
until I forge a new path out of the haze

and when I do
I will see what you didn’t want me to see
that I don’t need you… NO!…
you are the one who needs me
so there it is–now it is clear
why you spin the way you do,
why you got our hands stuck like glue
to the metal of the machine
but I wash my hands clean of the dream you are selling

instead I will blaze my own trail
one where you have not set me up to fail
and I will be the first
if I don’t lose my thirst
if I don’t let my eyes win
if I don’t let the doubt in
if I don’t hear you say
I cannot go that way
if I keep my mind clear
Then will MY dream be here
and, then, I will laugh at the sleep i lost
and how much of my life it cost
trying so hard to break into you
because I never even needed to

So, I know that I have been sharing more Music than Words on here for the most part, so I thought I’d switch things up a bit this time.  Hope something in either poem spoke to you and caused you to think, reflect.  Thank you for taking the time to stop by and visit.  Until next time!

My first EVER poetry performance/collaboration (with Bao7891)


Helloooo! This is my new friend Bao. He is an artist, musician, poet, and all around creative kinda guy. He contacted me about doing a collaboration and I had wanted to try something new, something different. So, we came up with the idea to do a spoken word/poetry collaboration that shared a love story from the perspectives of both the guy and girl.

So, he wrote a poem, sent it to me and I responded. Then, we decided to extend it and turn it into a 3-part story. Then, finally, we decided to add music. This is the very first time either of has have “performed” our poetry or have done a poetry collaboration. So, very risky, but what is life without risks? No matter how it is received, we both agree that we love the outcome and that we have stretched and grown from this experience. So, that’s what matters, right?:) Anyway, hope you enjoy it. And please check out his other stuff on his Soundcloud account too ( he has some music and other spoken word on there).

Enjoy and have a great Thursday!

ALSO!!! If you want to get involved in this month’s SoundCloud Community collaboration themed project put out by the SoundCloud Heroes, please go to this link to get all the details….there is still time to participate!

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