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Free Tutorial on How to Grow a Heart

Hellooooo! Hope you had a happy Easter weekend.  Tonight, I just wanted to write.  So, I decided to write tutorial on….

How To Grow A Heart – In 10 Steps


1. Make sure to put it into plenty of difficult/ trying situations

2. Take it to see beautiful things.

3. Make sure to put it into plenty of difficult/ trying situations

4.  Get a hammer and break it into pieces.  NOTE: Wait for ? minutes for this to take effect.

5. Make sure to put it into plenty of difficult/ trying situations

6.  Let it out to walk around for some fresh air and exercise every day.

7. Feed it with “good karms” and keep it away from the “bad karms”.

8. Make sure to put it into plenty of difficult/ trying situations

9. Put it up against another heart and leave it there until it starts to feel the beat of the other.

And last but not least….

10. Make sure to put it into plenty of difficult/ trying situations

Musings Past Midnight – Thank you…

It’s 1:30 am my time. Can’t sleep. Just sitting here thinking. I was thinking about how music tells the story of our life…or at least it should. I go back and listen to some of the first songs I put on here – way back last October – and as I go through them, it is as though I am revisiting my past lives. It is amazing all the things that can happen over the course of a few months. How our mind states change, the people that enter in and exit out of our lives. If nothing else comes of this…of me writing and sharing these songs…I will still be thankful for having put them down. Why? Because they are a running record of the things that move me, the people that inspire me, the pain that improves me, the love that heals me, the heart that beats in me. I see myself on the page — the good, the bad -the broken pieces. I see me clearly and have no choice but to own up to who I am, there’s no hiding or running away from it then.

And no, not every song I write is about me directly, but the ones that I’ve written based on another’s experience can still be counted as one of my own. Because what happens to the ones I love and what happens to the world I love….it IS a part of me. We are all connected to each other in more ways than we will ever fully be aware of. I’m glad life has led me to that lesson (and it is one I have to re-learn from time to time), because without it, I would have no empathy. Without empathy, I would have no love. And without love….what would matter?

I could go on and on with my ramblings…especially at this hour, but I won’t. I’ll simply say, thank you to those of you who have taken the time to walk through my life by listening to my songs. You’ve “seen” me sad, you’ve “seen” me happy. You’re there when my voice is weak, when it is strong. When I have felt unsure and when I have felt unstoppable. Who am I, but just another voice in the crowd? There are sooooo many people who can sing, who write songs. Am I any better? Certainly not – I do not think so. I’m just me, that’s all any of us are. We’re just us. That’s it. So, if you have taken the time to hear me, to care about finding out who I am….I am humbled, I am grateful.

Earth Day 2012 and Midnight Musings.

Part I – Earth Day

Today was Earth Day! …in case you forgot. We never really “celebrated” this day before because it made more sense to just be conscious of how our decisions leave their mark on our planet and to appreciate/respect it on a daily basis. But, this year, my son was old enough to understand things a little bit more and he was excited about going to experience the local Earth Day fairs around here. So, out and about we went. We spent the first half of the day at Newport Bay (near Newport Beach, CA) at the fair and did art with recycled materials and learned about the animals and plants in the surrounding wetlands and how to protect their habitats. We did a mini-hike around the wetlands and then headed to Crystal Cove beach nearby. My son really wanted to do a beach clean-up and I’m glad he suggested it. I had always thought about it before, but never did until today. Though we made only a small contribution, and it felt like there was just way too much trash around to ever be able to REALLY clean up the beach, I am glad we did it for two reasons. 1) Doing something to help is usually better than doing nothing. 2) My son felt proud and important and I know that he will remember that feeling and that it was connected to doing something good.

Part II – Midnight Musings

I would like to do more beach/park clean-ups from now on. Besides the fact that we are taking the time to care for the places we like to visit, it also is just a good opportunity to be OUT…out in the world that I love so much. I can’t tell you how many times nature has brought inspiration to me in one way or another. I just love things that are beautiful. They move me in a way that is indescribable and where can we find more perfect and imperfect beauty than in the world that surrounds us? I see a gray sky, a yellow poppy, I hear the ocean, I feel the sand under my feet….and I am ALIVE! I’m here. I’m here and what will I do with my time? What will I say? What can I share? Why am I here? All of these things run through my head and as I sit and think about it all….words&music come. So many many songs on the brain lately.

There are three that I’ve been working on recently and they are all WORLDS APART! The first is acoustic. I have the rhythm down – the timing (well, almost), but there are a few holes in the lyrics that I am trying to patch up. The second is another acoustic song. I wrote it over a year ago, but couldn’t get the music for it because I didn’t know how to play the guitar yet. I’m so glad that I can finally do it now and that I can do it on my own. I have been working on the right chords and getting the timing down. I really like how it sounds so far, I just need a little bit more practice with it before I record it. I think this will be the one I share this week coming…maybe. It is called “Think Too Much”. The last is…well…I guess you can say it is a departure of sorts. I wanted to try writing something from the perspective of an alter ego. Kind of like Beyonce’s “Sasha Fierce” or Cee-lo’s “Gnarles Barkley” characters. Sometimes you get a song that comes from another place…outside of your normal self. Even the music is different from most of what I do (although the song “Over” is along the same lines in some ways). Most of my songs come out of my fondness for minimalism. But, this newest song “Look, Look” is overdone…but it is overdone on purpose. And the lyrics seem to be about something very superficial, but the point of the song is not.

So there you have it…my teasers for what’s coming. I’m hoping to make up my mind on which one to put down first and to get a quiet enough house to record it soon!!! Until then…feel free to review some of the previous posts or to share your stuff with me:).

Featured Artist: Ghostpoet

Well, you probably noticed that there was no post yesterday. But, here it is. As I mentioned on the last post, I have just recently discovered SoundCloud and I am really enjoying finding new music on there. One of the first people I came across was this guy from the UK named Ghostpoet. First of all, I love the name. Second, he’s got some crazy stuff on there …very different from what I do, but I like it! I like Bob and Damian Marley, always have, and this guy has a little bit of that swagger but what he does isn’t really reggae at all. It’s got a bunch of different influences wrapped up together into one sound and I think it works. One of the songs I liked the best was his “Garden Path”. At the beginning he makes some sounds with his voice that make it seem like he’s clearing his throat or something. But, I like it because it gives the feeling of someone walking into the studio and just jumping into a stream of consciousness-type of performance. Check it out and let me know what you think and/or follow him on SoundCloud and leave him a comment.

To get more info on him, shows, bio, etc., check out his website @ http://www.ghostpoet.co.uk

The First Time

Good day to everyone!  I am loving how gorgeous it is outside and I plan on getting out there and spending the rest of the day with my son.  Looking forward to that.  As promised, though, I am posting that song I said I would before we head out.  It’s another one on the guitar.  I’ve been doing more on the guitar lately because I’m trying to practice more and get better at it and as I do that, I end up messing around and find something I can use for a song.  This one is very simple, most of the song is two chords (like some of the others;) ), but I kind of like it that way.  It is fitting for me since I see myself as somewhat of a simple kind of girl.  In fact, I hope that as I get older, I will become even more of a simple person.  Please don’t confuse simple with simple-minded.  By simple, I mean, someone who doesn’t need much and is content in every moment.  It is one of my truest desires, to learn to live more and more simply…to love simply…  

Here’s the new song, hope you enjoy it!

Oh, and don’t forget to stop by on Friday and check out this week’s featured artist!

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