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New Youtube Video/Song: Two Moons

Helloooooo!  Here is a new song I wrote.  It may turn into a collaboration with another  male SoundCloud Hero.  I haven’t really done a duet yet, so I’m glad about that.  It won’t be for a while, but be on the look out.  Here it is (the lyrics are below):

Is it me or you that is pulling us apart?
or am I pushing you out of orbit
floating far from my heart
oh the space is wide, but not quite wide
enough, I fear
for two moons to live together
too much pull on the atmosphere
so let’s drift apart

can’t you feel the orbits shifting
and the weight pulling down?
wish that I could stop this feelin’
make our love rebound
but the pull is strong and
harder still, to ignore
and I know the time has come
can’t keep pretending anymore

so let’s drift apart
let’s drift apart
let’s drift apart
let’s drift apart

though I loved the light you shined
though it felt good on my soul
though I loved the light you shined
though it hurts me to say so

let’s drift apart
let’s drift apart

Hope you enjoy!  Have a wonderful week everyone!

Into the Deep…….

Hellooooooo!  I have been very focused on getting the Day4Women album and event organized, but I am still trying to find time for making music!  So, this week, instead of doing a real…polished…recording, I decided to go Lo-fi and record a rough sketch for a song I’ve been working on.  I’ve had it written for a while, but have been trying to figure out arrangement/music.  I wrote this one day when I was sitting at my favorite beach – Crystal Cove – and I was starring at the waves coming over the shore.  I thought, “wow, I wonder what stories the ocean must have hidden inside of it…so much history in there.”  And, this week’s song is the result of that moment at the beach.  Here is  the rough cut of “Into the Deep”, hope you enjoy it!

Here are the lyrics:

What are the secrets buried in your deep?
stories of men great and small, you, a blanket over all
covering the fools of old
who lived and died searching for gold
they lived and died for gold
so crash over the shore
and pull it into your….deep

Even if we dig the treasures you keep
we are too deaf and much too blind to see
the lessons still won’t stay stuck
to our collective memory
so crash over the shore
pull it into your
crash over the shore
and pull it into your..

Into the deep – wash away
into the deep – wash away
into the deep – wash away
into the deep, into the deep

One day when it is time
I will be yours and you will be mine
and I will take my place in your deep
inside the history that in you sleeps
I’ll be the history that in you sleeps

Experimenting & The Fear of Failure

Hellooooo!  So, although I am slowing down on putting out songs while I am organizing this Day4Women conference, I am still making music as I can.  This month, as part of the Soundcloud Heroes community collaboration theme of “Sounds of Autumn”, I did make a contribution.  Again, these community collaborations are done for the purpose of getting Soundclouders to connect and create together.  That said, every contribution made for each month’s theme must include the sounds of at least one other person on Soundcloud.  This time, I used the sounds of two of my fellow Soundcloud Heroes, Shifty Teeth and One Hello World.  In addition, I added my own sounds (guitar and vocals) and organized/produced the track.  Now, that word “produced” brings me to the topic of today….experimenting and the fear of failure.

I am not an expert at producing and making tracks.  Now, I have made many tracks before…but, that still does not make me an expert.  What it does make me is an “experimenter”.  I experiment with a little bit of this and a little bit of that and…”hey, that sounds cool”…etc.  I have NO idea what I am doing at all.  I just try something and do what I can.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.  It is very scary, actually.  To try something new, test out new ideas, and then put them out there for people to hear.  I can see why people may stray away from doing that.  It puts you in such a vulnerable place.

For example, this latest song, the one I did for this month’s community collaboration, was very much an experiment for me.  I had to use other people’s sounds and try to fit them in with mine and it did not come out very smoothly.  But, I did it, I put it out there because I wanted to go against that feeling — the fear of failure.  I want to not let the fear of failure get in the way of my creative endeavors.  I think musicians/songwriters/artists should be allowed to fail every now and then.  Why?  Because failure can bring learning, insight, and can push someone to exceed   on the next one.  We should be allowed to try out something new, something outside of our normal.  Where would we be without experimenting?  We’d be stuck hearing the same damn thing every time, never progressing.

Same goes in life.  We should be allowed to try something new and become ok with the idea that we might fail.  Because when we do this, we open the door to other possibilities, to deeper understanding of our world and our own selves.  So I say…to hell with it.  Do not let the fear of failure stop your need/desire to experiment and try something new.  All that said….here is my latest “experiment”.

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