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This song — hard to please — is for all the perfectionists out there!!! You know who you are. Trying so hard to please everyone while at the same time trying to please the hardest person of all…yourself. I’m right there with you. Appreciating our strengths and finding forgiveness for our failings…one of the toughest tasks of life. Give yourself a break on this beautiful Fall Friday and enjoy the weekend!


So many songs, so little time

Just watched the video of the Civil Wars performing Poison & Wine (one of my new favorites) on Letterman last night….beautiful! They are so dramatic, but in a good way. Watching them made me start thinking of all the songs I want to learn to play. Sooo many, but it requires time. This song is at the top of my “songs to learn next” list….that’s separate from learning to play my own songs:). Well, it’s between this one and Adele’s “Someone Like You.” Oddly enough, Adele and Civil Wars have been touring together, so I guess it makes sense to learn them both :). Looking forward to posting a new song up tomorrow. Until then…

Fading Flower

Fading Flower  is a song I wrote for my niece who had her Sweet 16.  So many girls at this age are struggling with self-image, finding their own voice, and learning to love who they are.  Let’s face it, this is something women of all ages struggle with.  We need to make peace with ourselves and focus on developing the thing that, in my opinion, matters most — character.   People will tell us we are many things….but, it is us, ultimately, who decide what we are worth and who we will be.

The Haunting

I guess it’s the time of year for a good haunting. I wrote this song–the haunting a while back when I had just returned from a trip to the mountains. If anyone knows me, they know I have a strange fascination with trees. I absolutely love them. In my eyes, they are gentle giants that beckon us every day to live life to the fullest. We think we will be here forever, but we won’t. Just like those trees that look so strong–that have been here (some of them) for longer than we have — they, too, will die one day, like those that came before them. We mourn for the loss of life, but we should mourn even more for the lives that are not being lived.

Motion Picture

What if my life was a motion picture? After I had a bad dream one night, I thought about writing a song that would give the feeling of a PG-13, thriller-drama b movie. Of course, the scenario in the song is not real — the best part of writing songs is you can take it as far out there as you want to. I love that. I had too much fun with this one. The name of this motion picture, or this song, is Alibi. To hear it click here : Alibi

The City

Went for a walkabout tonight around the city. What a beautiful night. Listening to Bob Marley, watching the sun set, feeling the blood flow freely through my body, and the rate of my heart slow down after a good walk. Simple pleasures… a good night.


My Guitar


This is my guitar (well, she’s on loan, really-but I endearingly call her mine). Her name is Layla…say “hello,” Layla. Our paths crossed about two months ago and since then she has brought both joy and PAIN to my life. The joy comes in finally having a tool to use to free me from the dependence on pre-made tracks to express myself. The pain is in trying to get my tiny fingers to do what my mind wants it to do at the speed at which I want it to be done! It is frustrating because I know I have only just begun to acquaint myself with her and I know it’s going to take way longer than I wish — years and years– before I can really, really, get to know her. If only we had met earlier in my life. But, all complaining aside, I’m glad we’ve met…I think we’re going to be great friends.

In Honor of a Hero

Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial Pictures, Images and Photos
One of my greatest heroes is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. For his courage, for his mastery of words, for his conviction, and for his cause. His legacy is being honored this Sunday at the Dedication of his Memorial in Washington, D.C. This Martyrs of Peace is for him and all the others who have come before and after him, who have dared to fight for change…for peace. His words about the war are still quite relevant.

NOTE: Some mentioned having trouble finding the last song. Simply click on the red titled link on each post like the one here: Martyrs of Peace

the politician

the politician

My first song post. I think this song is fitting for the current Presidential Election. It was written with one particular politician in mind (you may have seen him/her in the news a time or two:). Doesn’t matter who it is really, but, I think we all know someone like this, non?


To steal a line from the gods of WordPress, “Hello World!”  Welcome to my world.  It is  one where there is hope and the desire for peace and well-being for every inhabitant of the Earth.  Where life, in any form, is cherished.  Where words matter.  Where good times can be had.  And…where music can be heard.  New songs will be added twice a week.

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